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The story of your life is layered and paved into a road of moments, both big and small, often the small quickly disappearing from memory as the years move forward. Ever so much more after becoming a mother do I realize how time is the most precious thing there is, making photography a sweet and powerful obsession of mine. Following my people around, collecting life's moments one by one behind the lens and then creating art that speaks of my soul is what I truly love; Being asked to do this for you, from capturing your most alive minutes to your everyday precious seconds and creating timeless heirlooms for your home, well, that's just an incredibly awesome bonus.

As a photographer, I strive to translate the very essence of a moment in each photo I make because I believe it is the most wonderful way of reminding yourself how beautiful your life is now, how incredible each simple moment was then, and how important it is to pass on the memory of your life lived.
Your history, your love, your life as art.™

My name is Lindsey Blair Stigleman and I am a photographer residing in my hometown, St. Petersburg, Florida. I am overly curious about people. I could stare at real love for hours. I adore real laughs, I wish I had the lyrical talent of my cousin and her hands glued to mine when I pick up my guitar, (more of a rad, prop resting in my own fingers), and I without a doubt have an obsessive love affair going on with photography. I marvel over documentary photography for its silent communication; I go breathless from the spirit found in portrait photography because of the soul it can reveal. I truly love hearing stories of each genuine wonder road that crosses mine. From all I have witnessed on my incredible little road so far, I can say without a doubt that I will never get over the unique balance of strength and fragility in ALL people, that I am super jealous of the perfect, pure naivety of children and that I believe that all women are uniquely stunning in their own right.

If you enjoy my art, are interested in participating in one of my personal gallery projects, would like me to photograph a little piece of your wonder road, or just want to swap stories or ideas, I would love to hear from you!