If there is a chance you've ever doubted the ties that bind, this photo session might shed hope on the power of family. Knowing them personally might make me a little more emotionally attached to this session, but the authenticity of the love and the hugs and the secret telling and the exploring, all surrounding a tiny new addition to a quad of brothers is, well, moving. The momma is a friend of mine who I am constantly taking mental notes about parenting, though she has no clue I'm repeating her words in my head so I can write them down later. Just today she was sharing a story about telling one of the boys that he had the power to either rub off on other people or be influenced by other people. She did it in a way that held the compassion and understanding of a war nurse, and the result was empowering her son to make the right decision for himself...seriously you would be taking mental notes too, even if you didn't have kids. She is completely unaware of what a true family success her little world is. Her family is real and so is their bond and I love them! Enjoy their beautiful story!