Pivotal Moments...

There have been pivotal turns on my wonder road, finding my husband, becoming a step-mom, carrying my children, birthing my children, raising my children...lol, just naming a few. There have also been moments in my photography voyage, like these, that forever changed my art work. Shooting for myself has hands down been the best investment I have made in my vision.

Jen offered up her entire world to my lens and said have at it! She is one of thee most humble, beautiful, authentic, motherly, gracious women I have ever met and I know I could list a dictionary of adjectives to describe her way. But I will let these images speak to her soul as they represent a new pivotal moment for mine. One where I know I can put my mind on paper. I have taken leave lately to learn. I have preached many times to my best friend, Maggie, that if you want to be good at something, REALLY good at it, then you have to submerge yourself in it. I am knee deep in art books, youtubes and classes. I am surrounded my a community that teaches.  AND I can't wait to see my vision in 10 years. 

Thank you Jen. For giving so much.

Eternally Bound

The ties that bind are thick and thin.
They're black and white and grey.
These careful holds get preyed upon, but strangle all the fray.
It's funny how the grip can loosen, as the days do pass.
But those two-step knots that seem so simple are the things that make it last.
Take caution how you tie them, being diligent, and true.
The ties that bind will rarely slip, even when we do.

- written by Lindsey Stigleman