The purpose is to remember what was real...

You know, my journey to artist is so all over the place because I find incredible value in all genres of photography. I love to create art and authentic memories. Finding unique ways to story tell is challenging and invigorating, and the results can be, well, heart wrenching. These are my goals I guess; To capture what was real, so real, that you can smell it, feel it, relive it.

Danae is my friend, but our relationship is such much deeper than that. She is a muse for so much of my art because she is willing to do whatever I throw her way, lol! Her youth does not match her insight. She is so subtle in her ways. A brilliant follower of Christ, a mother for all time, a friend for those who seek the authentic, a true vision of God's artistry. This woman is not easily revealed on hello, and I adore that. Thank you Danae. For your bravery in life, your adventurous spirit and for taking a risk EVERY TIME in the name of art and love!