Your history, your love, your life as art...

I guess I could say that the fine art genre of photography is what captivates me the most but the emotive side of my subjects is a close second. I really think you can't have one without the other if your subjects are people. I am super passionate about the feeling a portrait conveys and I think that is achieved by authentically capturing the moment but ultimately created during the post processing efforts.

For a long time I thought there was no real way to photograph a family authentically and get the art I wanted out of each project I take on. As it turns out, family photography can be real, passionate, and just as captivating on camera, portraying the real essence of the people and their unique love story.

This family session was so incredible to shoot because the love among the three of these beings is UNDENIABLE. You would think they knew something more about this life then the rest of us. The mother has a kind peace about her that bleeds confidence with no offensiveness. I would say her faith has everything to do with this gift. The father is slightly guarded on hello, extremely funny after hello, gracious and polite...truly rare, I think.  And that baby girl, well I don't need an explanation, just look at the photographs. Beauty inside and out is the ultimate eye-candy. I hope you enjoy this session!