So many reasons for bringing life into this world, as if we really are in control of this miracle, life in general. I will never understand the complexity of the saturated, contradicting emotions that women carry while carrying. The weight of their world and the weight of the world of another, and possibly another, and another, and another. The intrepid, fearful mother, sage but naive. Mom, the most compassionate intolerant being on the planet! We are physically weighted heavy, yet floating with blissful ideologies. The calm before the storm, our short lived, longed for, weightless encounter.

This project has taken flight and I could not be more heart wrenchingly in love with each story I hear and each moment I capture. I am understanding motherhood from a different point of view each time. Weightless is a mutual gift. I look forward to sharing the final project in a year!!! 

For now, enjoy this eternal love story!